Building a Website? Here’s What You Need to Know

Your website is your online shop window. If you’re setting out to build one – either to promote a company, your personal brand, or for another reason entirely – you’re going to need to know what you’re doing and how you plan to do it. In this guide, you’ll learn just that, from how to approach the task from the very beginning to which pitfalls and common mistakes to avoid as you’re doing it. Read on to learn all you’ll need to know when you’re building a website.

Going it Alone

If you’ve resolved to go it alone when you build your website, there are several things you’ll need to understand from the outset. The first is that website building is frustrating, even if you’re using established website builders like Wix and WordPress. You will need to be patient, watch YouTube tutorials, and read up on common bugs and frustrating brick walls you’re likely to discover in your path. Often, building a website that works to your standards could take weeks. Planning in advance helps, but issues will still hold you up along the way.


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Hiring Talent

You’ll only look to hire a web designer to build your website for you if you’re a small business looking to get a website live quickly. Web designers are experts at what they do – they can help make all your website plans into a reality. But they can also be difficult to work with, commanding complete control over your website. If you need to make quick changes, you’ll have to go through them. This can cause delays and frustration over time, which is why plenty of businesses choose instead to go to an agency.

Design Agencies

By going to an agency, you’re guaranteeing you and your website round-the-clock feedback and support. You’ll be able to tap into the talents not only of web designers – but of artists, copywriters, and marketing gurus, too. One such example is ALT Agency, which you can find through this link: Outsourcing to an agency like this can help you focus on delivering other business processes and generating leads and customers. And you’ll always have someone professional to talk to if you’re hoping to make major changes to your website many months down the line.


Most websites can be built in a matter of days. The challenge is how you choose to adapt them over time. Features break on websites all the time, as plugins go out of date and Wix and WordPress update. So you should see your business site as an ongoing maintenance job rather than a one-off responsibility. Again, engaging with web design experts from the likes of ALT Agency can help outsource website maintenance, allowing you to refocus on other business imperatives and relax about the small tweaks that often need to be made to websites before they’re in a state of perfection. 

Websites take time, effort, energy, and patience to build. Often it’s best left to the experts, who are able to build flashy, responsive websites that help you promote your brand. 

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