What is Google Graph Search?

Google never ceases to amaze with the features that they have and their constant activity to improve the same. The Google graph search is one of the features that has helped us immensely in the past and continues to do so. What is the Google Graph Search? If you are not sure, then let me tell you that you may not know its name, but there is hardly any chance that you have not used it. The feature has been around since 2012 and is also known as the Knowledge graph. It is known to connect different entities on the internet and passes them on in systematic sequence when looked up by the user. The feature has been created so that the users recieve an answer and just links that are related to the search.


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The feature is also used by Google for internal purposes to know how relevant the search results that they produce are. The Knowledge graph continue to expand its horizons and there are updates that are made at regular intervals so that the users are able to get better search results that can help them with the task at hand. There have been more filters that have been added recently and one of them is the Knowledge Graph Filter.

Knowledge Graph Filter

The Knowledge Graph Filter is the feature that displays the black carousel whenever we type something on the search bar and these results are placed above the organic results that we see. If we click on any of the pictures that are present we will be directed to a whole new page. This is not all. There is an additional filter that is present. It is the filter that you can pull down and you will get more categories to see with respect to the search that you are conducting on Facebook.

Knowledge Graph Comparisons

The all new Graph comparison tool makes life easier for all of us as it can be used for making comparisons between pretty much anything that you can think of. Just key in the two entities that you want a comparison between and the site will draw up a comparison on all the categories that you can think of. The arrow symbols at the end of the page enable to expand the information provided.

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