Affordable Flats and Costly Flats in and Around New Delhi

The national capital New Delhi is emerging as one of the major cities in India in terms of various economic developments. The suburbs areas like the Noida, Gurgoan and Ghaziabad is now in the urbanization phase due to the presence of many industries and IT hubs in these areas. Many nationals across India come here for better earnings and job opportunities. The demand for property in Noida is also becoming more with these working class masses. There are many real estate agents, builders and realty developers here to cater the residential needs of Delhi masses.

Online Search for Flats in Delhi: Whoever comes to a Delhi for work or settle down go for online search first for the lookout for a budget flats. Since, they are cheap and are present everywhere in Delhi. When you search online there are many realty service providers having their own website and with add-posting with other classified websites. It is advisable to look for official website of renowned realty companies. When you go online, you can compare the price with location. The online search may end you to reach the desired flat type with affordable rent you are looking for near your work place. This is same to the end user too. The online or digital marketing is the front line sales happening in Delhi realty business.

Local Search for Flats in Delhi: When you need a flat for rent or to own them, wherever you work, it is advisable to contact a local real estate agent nearby you. They are best for rental flat search. Since, most of the flat owners relay on them. They mostly advertise locally with local newspaper classified advertisements. Their offices are also present in the main streets of Delhi.


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Availability of Flats in Delhi

The flat type of housing is most common in and around New Delhi. They do cost according to the area they are present. It also comprises of fully furnished flats, semi furnished flats and un-furnished flats. They are also available in luxury flats and modern flats. The flat types of residential complex are mostly building of low raised construction structures.

Flats for Rental in Delhi: The flats are the only type of residential building having single or 1 BHK. Few flats have attached bathroom and few have in their hall. A single bedroom flat of more than 600 sq ft comes with a balcony too. A 600 sq ft 1 HBK flat in the outer region may cost you INR 5000. The same size in posh area of Delhi NCR will cost more than INR 15000. The 2 bedroom and above modern and luxury flats will cost up to 1 lacs in the main area. The outer region may come up to INR 20000 for 2 BHK and above with more than 18000 sq ft of built in area.

Flats for Sale in New Delhi: When comes to end use, there are many ready to occupy flats in Delhi NCR and outer areas. There are many modern flats available in the suburbs of Noida, Gurgoan and Ghaziabad. Many builders own these properties locally. There are also re-sale flats, which you can get from real estate agents. There are also bank auction flats, which will be somewhat cheaper to buy. However, one has to wait for such bank notification of auction of flats in and around New Delhi. The smart way is to buy flats from Mega housing projects, since you are benefited by many infrastructure facilities and amenities they offer for mass housing projects which you may not get from a local builder.


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