How To Make PDF Load Faster In Adobe Reader

If your system is no a recent version and is generally slow, then you may have an issue loading PDF files in Adobe as the process takes forever. The reason behind this is that fact that there are many plugins that need to be loaded when Adobe starts up and that take a painful amount of time. A good number of these plugins that consume up time to load are not even used for reading the pdf and thus, if they are disabled, part of the problem is solved. You need to keep one thing in mind though and that is if you disable a plugin then the toolbar related to same is disabled as well.


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Disabling plugins on Adobe

1. You need to first download the PDF annotator that will help you with disabling the plugins that you don’t use.

2. If you don’t know what functions correspond to the plugins then you can get all the relevant information from the “About Adobe plugins” which is a section in the “Help” menu of the software.

3. From the list of plugins that are displayed you can choose the plugin about which you need information. There is a separate page that is present beside the list that will tell you which tools are dependent on the plugins so that you know which of them you must not be disabling for the functions to be in place.

4. After you have taken a good look at the list and are sure of the plugins that are of no use to you, you can take note of the same. Simply click “OK” on the “About Adobe plug-ins” page.

5. You now need to open up Windows Explorer and find the location of the plug ins in the program files.

6. Create a new folder and transfer all the plugins that you do not wish to use and name the folder.

7. These plugins will be disabled and the next time that you open Adobe Reader the PDF file will definitely load fase just that they will be lesser functions due to the disabling of the plugins.

This is the simplest method to make the PDF file load faster and not have to wait for all the useless plugins to load

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