MySQL vs PostgreSQL Which one is best?

Selecting a database system is quite a crucial decision and you need to take various aspects into consideration while making the decision as you will have to stick to the decision that you have made or pay a whopping sum. MySql and PostgreSql are the only two names that would come to your mind when you are looking for a reliable database service. Here is the MySQL v/s PostgreSQL 2012 served on a platter for you.


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MySQL is supposedly the most used database service and it is younger than PostgreSQL. The service is known to be quick and is lean as well and these are some of the prime reasons why people go in for this database. It is not a secret that it is an open source database. There are reference manuals that come alongwith it and they are all free of cost. There are temporary tables that you can create and some other cool features that make it desirable for most users who need a database.

The one thing that you will find with MySQL is that there are very few options that are present and this can be a downside as well as an upside, depending on the person who is using the application. In case you are using the application for basic uses then the MySQL is a great choice as you will not get muddled with the many options that are available. Also the application is compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows. Also there are a wide range of tools that are present for the recovery of files that have got deleted inadvertently.


This one is the most advanced open source database that is present and the keyword for them is reliability. This the reason why the people make use of this service as they can get back the tables that they have created in case there has been any fault and the database crashes, they can get back all the information without any damage and that is what is of paramount importance to them.

This open source also comes with community support and it is has many online manuals that are present as well and they are available free of cost. The application is compatible with operating systems such as Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows and that is the same with MySQL. PostgreSQL is favored in case there are specific needs from the database as the options that come along with this open source are unmatched.

While MySQL is known to be used by sites such as Slashdot, Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia, PostgreSQL is made use of by site like Yahoo, Reddit and Disqus. Both of them are also very customizable and have the capability to support extensions to enhance their functionality.

Both these open source databases are great, but you need to choose one that will serve your purpose. The MySQL is one that you can go in for if your database needs are not very complex. On the other hand companies often go in for PostgreSQL as they emphasize on reliability and thus the companies know that their data is in safe hands. Also, the features are more in the case of PostgreSQL.

This is the MySQL v/s PostgreSQL 2012 for you. Once you have read this, you can take a decision on the database that you will choose as all the aspects have been covered for you.


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